CAOS – Borboletas e Sustentabilidade, Lda

CAOS – Borboletas e Sustentabilidade, Lda., founded in 2009, is a portuguese climate change consultancy firm, strategically kept micro, with only its two partners in the staff. This allows for the flexibility required to deliver results in accordance with client’s needs. When required, we partner and keep delivering custom solutions. This model allows us to be as sustainable as one can be – financially, socially and environmentally: we reported profited since year one, we support NGOs (namely those working in the field of animal welfare), we don´t have and office, and as such we don’t commute, we (almost) don’t print… and we are carbon neutral. 

In over 40 years of experience accumulated between Inês and Gonçalo, CAOS participated and contributed to the delivery, in in nearly 30 countries across 4 continents, of:  

- 3 Intended Determined National Contributions (under the Paris Agreement), 
- 4 National Adaptation Plans, 
- 5 National Communications and 2 Biennial Reports
- 6 GHG Inventory Systems

- 8 National or Regional Climate Change Strategies,  
- The resilience of more than 350 000 people in rural communities...

...and thousands of hours of      
          - UNFCCC negotiations,
          - Training,
          - Facilitation of technical climate change related events with an international audience.